USA National Title Selects TitleIQ Enterprise as its Primary Title Search & Examination Platform

June 1, 2022


USA National Title selects TitleIQ Enterprise as its primary title search & examination platform. Early results show significant reductions in production times

DataTrace announced today that USA National Title, has selected TitleIQ™ Enterprise as its primary title production platform to increase efficiency within the company’s search and examination processes. 

“Forward-looking title companies, like USA National Title, are seeing significant value in automating their title search and production operations,” said Chris Flynn, vice president of product and strategy at DataTrace. “TitleIQ Enterprise serves as a key solution for enhancing the title search and examination process, increasing efficiency and accelerating title delivery, which can be a competitive advantage in today’s purchase mortgage market.”

TitleIQ Enterprise, which is integrated with all leading commercially available title production systems, unifies multiple search processes – automated, title plant and title production services – into a single, digitally connected search and examination solution for expedited nationwide title report production.

“TitleIQ Enterprise has been a strong addition to our production department, increasing productivity and reducing cost,” said Nick Pappas, chief operating officer at USA National Title. “We expect that TitleIQ Enterprise could soon reduce our production time by as much as 50% and nearly eliminated all of our word processing time. TitleIQ Enterprise has enabled us to redeploy staff to focus on more complex orders and reinvest cost savings in higher-value marketing and sales efforts to attract purchase orders, helping us compete as the market shifts away from refinance.”

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