Title & Property Report Services

Nationwide Property Report Production

DataTrace® provides nationwide title production services with local state-based experts. With roots tracing back over 50 years in title research and technology, our expertise, innovation and consultative approach provides you with the best in title production services.

When changing business environments require changing your business process, TRUST DataTrace.

DataTrace is designed to meet your requirements, with extensive coverage throughout all 50 states, including those hard to reach counties with our ground resources. Backed by experience, data and technology, you can rely on professionally fulfilled property reports for your title needs.


  • 18+ years of title production experience
  • 7.5+ million reports produced
  • 1800+ regionally indexed geographic title plants
  • Regional on-shore search and exam experts
  • Full suite of nationwide uniform products


  • Quality control process
  • Embedded best practice standards
  • Internal scorecards monitor quality and performance
  • Product-driven workflows


  • National coverage and local expertise
  • Scalable model
  • Largest title database in the industry
  • System-to-system integrations
  • Flexible, commitment style output


  • Dedicated onshore account manager
  • Personal, high-touch onboarding process
  • Award-winning Customer Service

A Growing Suite of Property Report Solutions

As a leading provider of real property research, DataTrace processes 25,000+ orders monthly. We understand your unique data needs, and those of the clients you serve. DataTrace offers a variety of Property Reports, Ancillary Search Options and Abstractor Services nationwide, such as:


Property Reports

  • Legal & Vesting (L&V)
  • Current Owner
  • 24 Month Current Owner
  • Two Owner
  • Full Title
  • Prelim-Refi- Short
  • Prelim-Refi- Long
  • Prelim-Resale
  • Tax Information


Ancillary Search Options

  • Upper Court Search*
  • Tidelands Search*
  • HOA Search*
  • Attorney Opinion*
  • Statement of Compliance*
  • Probate/Surrogate Search
  • Tax Search (Non-Certified)
  • Certified Tax Search*
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Patriot Search
  • UCC Search (State and Country)
  • Lien & Estoppel*
  • Corporate Status Search
  • Good Standing Certificate
  • Litigation Search
  • Municipal Lien Search
  • Flood Search
  • Recording Services*
  • New York Municipal Searches
    • Air Resources-NYC only
    • Certificate of Occupancy
    • Emergency Repair Search
    • Fire Search
    • Health Department Search
    • Housing & Building Search
    • Oil Burner Permit Search
    • Patriot Search
    • Sewer Search
    • Sidewalk Violation Search
    • Street Maintenance Report
    • Street Report (NYC)
    • Survey Inspection
    • Zoning Report

* Limited Geographies


As a leading provider of real property research, you’ll benefit from our experience and consultative approach to understanding your unique data needs, and those of the clients you serve.

When growing your business matters, TRUST DataTrace.

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