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Discover a powerful new way to locate starters, easily access your own records and boost your revenue, while expediting your title research and underwriting process.

Accessing Starters Just Got Easier

Accessing Starters
Just Got Easier

The Starter Xchange is your first choice for accessing policies from many of the nation’s leading title companies. Exclusive features like map search and enhanced data indexing make searching for, and finding, the right record more productive than ever. Located in DataTrace System (DTS) you can find starters, conduct tax and title search and retrieve recorded documents from a single screen.
Get Paid for Sharing Your Starters

Get Paid for Sharing
Your Starters

Help other Xchange users and get rewarded. When you actively contribute your owner and lender full policies, commitments and preliminary reports, you earn a share of the revenue when other title companies purchase your policies through DTS.

The more you contribute, the greater the opportunity to earn!
Easily Access Your Own Starters

Easily Access Your
Own Starters

Avoid the cost and headache of maintaining an in-house starters database by hosting your policies in our advanced systems. DTS is designed to optimize title research workflows, making it a snap to utilize your starters in your current title production process.

Just send us your policies and we will handle the rest.
Search Better, Faster with Mapping and Enhanced Indexing

Search Better, Faster with Mapping Functionality

Use DTS to search for a starter record using the GIS mapping feature. Parcels with starters available are clearly displayed on the map - making it easy to locate a record for the searched property or one from an adjacent parcel. Starters located in the same subdivision or tract can be valuable in identifying common easements and exceptions.

Identify Available Records At-a-Glance

Use the starter lookup service in DTS and instantly see if there’s a record available on the searched property, or one nearby which may contain common information. Details on available starters, for both the searched parcel and those in the surrounding area, are clearly displayed in the grid underneath the map.