DataTrace is the industry’s only complete nationwide title solutions provider – powered by the strongest data foundation. Our evolving title solution suite solves business challenges to efficiently – and confidently – fulfill your customer needs.


Gain secure, instant access to 1700+ regional title plants to expedite the title research & document retrieval process.

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Modernize your title production with the industry’s only single source for nationwide title
search & examination.

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Leverage the largest provider of nationwide fully managed title production services with local state-based expertise.

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Knowledge is power. Arm yourself with the title insurance industry’s most complete arsenal of tools, tips & resources.

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TitleFlex Advanced Real Estate Research Meets Superior Customer Service

Explore our growing suite of nationwide property & title report solutions, fulfilled by our experts with state-specific expertise.

Put Our Ever-Growing and Up-To-Date
Real Estate Data to Work for You!


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Title Solution Pioneer | Business Growth Generator

DataTrace provides accurate real estate title search technologies and solutions. Our title solutions enable settlement services companies to quickly search and acquire historical real estate information. Beyond our title plants, DataTrace provides the solutions to help protect and grow your title business for the future.
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* Data Trace is licensed by the State of Missouri, Department of Insurance as a Business Entity Producer.