Tax Solutions Suite

Tax Solutions Suite

DataTrace is your trusted provider of title data and automation. With over 50 years experience in real estate title search technology, we have the data resources to provide 100% national coverage and a tax platform that delivers the most reliable results

Property Tax Reporting Made Easy

One reliable resource for nationwide property tax records

The DataTrace Difference for Tax Reporting Solutions

Drawing from our ever-growing database of 545+ title plants and 7 billion document images, DataTrace delivers the answers you need – how and when you need them. With the DataTrace tax solutions suite, you gain quick, easy access to the latest property tax records.

Datatrace Has The Tax Data You Need, When You Need It And How You Need It

Different regions have varying tax reporting needs. That’s why DataTrace offers a comprehensive range of tax-service options.

TaxSource Reports
TaxSource Reports

DataTrace TaxSource

TaxSource property tax reporting delivers full national coverage with the most current tax status and rapid results through the latest technology and data resources.

Available Nationwide

Report available instantly through DTS, DT-API and TitleFlex

Comprehensive tax record
  • Assessed Values/Exemptions
  • Tax Agency Requirements  (address, due dates,  payment information)
  • Current Year Bill Detail  (base tax, balance due and  payment status)
  • Prior Year Delinquency
  • Records with payoff amounts
Full Service Tax
Full Service Tax

DataTrace Full Service Tax

DataTrace provides detailed tax reports, delivered instantly with limited liability coverage

Available counties in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Washington

Reports available instantly through DTS

Detailed tax report
  • Current and Prior Year Taxes
  • Bonds and Assessments
  • Current Open Orders Listed
  • Provided with Limited Liability
Tax Certificates
Tax Certificates

DataTrace Tax Certificates

DataTrace has extensive experience in states that require state-specific knowledge and specialized expertise in tax payment and certification

Available in Texas, Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey and New York

Reports available through DTS

Detailed tax report
  • Current and Prior Year Taxes
  • Municipal Searches
  • Tax Suit Status, including Court Costs, Abstract Fees  and Other Related  Information
  • HOA Certificates (Texas  major markets - except  Dallas) 
  • Indemnified reports that meet specific regional requirements

DataTrace Tax Solutions Provide Nationwide Coverage, How You Need It...Where You Need It



All States

Full-Service Tax

CA (15 Counties), AZ, HI & WA (King County)

Tax Certificates


Trust DataTrace for all your property tax reporting needs