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Title Plant Coverage

Your search for the most complete and accurate Nationwide Title Plant Geographic Coverage starts and ends here. Use the interactive map to view a list of counties currently available in DataTrace.

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For a full explanation of plant classifications and title terminology, please view the print version of our geocoverage.


DataTrace geographic coverage legend & Terminology

Term Definition Definition / Notes

Geographic Plant

A specific database of county-recorded documents affecting title of real property ownership, indexed specifically by the geographic location of a property and searchable by its APN, legal description or physical address within a county. Geographically indexed plants streamline the title search process by indexing all recorded documents, deeds, judgments, liens affecting the title of a specific property, saving valuable time. The traditional standard in the title industry, geographic plants are the most desired plants for verifying chain of title.


Digital images of documents officially recorded in a county recorder/clerk’s office and affecting the title of real property ownership. DataTrace’s database of over 7 billion recorded document images provide our settlement services clients with the necessary documentation to support their decisions and efficiently complete their files.


Restrictions to title plant access which are imposed by plant owners or state regulations. Because restrictions can vary so greatly between title plants, it is important to reach out to your DataTrace account manager if you are interested in gaining access to a restricted county. Our experienced team is trained to find the best solutions and alternatives to meet your needs.

Tax Data

Information maintained by a county tax assessor which provides records of property tax payments and obligations. At DataTrace, we offer three levels of tax service which provide a combination of assessed values, property identification information, current year tax obligations, prior year delinquencies and verification of tax liability using information from various collection entities.

Tax Type

Each tax county is given a designation based upon the tax information source and frequency of delivery.
Static Tax (S) – Tax data is updated annually from the county assessor or tax roll.
Dynamic Tax (D) – Tax data is updated annually from the county assessor and supplemented by county tax roll information on a weekly or monthly basis to determine currency of payments.
Full Service Tax (F) – Tax data is updated annually from the county assessor and supplemented by county tax roll information on a more frequent basis to determine currency of payments or delinquency status.
As market demands change, the frequency of tax status updates will fluctuate accordingly. The frequency of files changes seasonally throughout the year for full-service counties. For example, Texas orders files more frequently (weekly) during January and February (the tax payment season). By contrast, California orders files more frequently around December and April, but less during the summer months (when the counties slow their updates to prepare for the new fiscal year.) File availability will vary by county. Please consult with your DataTrace representative for additional information.