Access Nationwide Title, Tax & Real Estate Data APIs

DataTrace Digital Gateway provides one portal to access all your data API integrations

Connecting Title, Tax & Data. One API Connection.

DataTrace Digital Gateway delivers all the power of our broad product suite directly into your title production system. Now access DataTrace, Charles Jones Production Services, TitleIQ Search Automation, TitleIQ Enterprise, TitleFlex, TaxSource – and so much more – through a single connection. It’s never been so easy to reach so much.

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Integration Challenges

Digital Gateway Advantages

Multiple processes to reach the data you need

Digitally connected gateway to everything you need with a single API

Lack of business opportunities to integrate the title industry’s top data and technology into current production systems

Seamless access to broad suite of 100+ title products and services nationwide with direct title production system integration

Limited IT resources, time and budget constraints spent on multiple integration efforts

Minimize integration effort and spend; improve operational efficiencies

Risk security compliance on multiple integration points

Mitigate your security exposure with a single API

What is the DataTrace
Digital Gateway?

Learn how the Gateway cuts time, cost, and expands your reach to more data than you knew possible.

Length: 1:42

Why You Will Love the Gateway

Length: 1:45

1. Connecting Made Simple

For Business Leaders, IT Managers

Length: 1:52

2. More Data at Your Fingertips

For Business Leaders, IT Managers

Length: 1:30

3. Save Time, Money & Peace of Mind

For Business Leaders, Title Production Managers

Length: 1:06

4. Enhanced Security

For Business Leaders, IT Managers

Length: 1:20

5. One Stop Integration

For Compliance Officers, Business Leaders, IT Managers

Delivery Made Easy: Connecting Title, Tax & Data Products

Seamless delivery to your closing system with all data and document images for downstream processing.