DataTrace System

Expedite the Title Research Process

In a Single, Easy-to-Use Platform

Conduct searches faster and work more efficiently with the DataTrace System, a fully integrated document retrieval and advanced title search platform. As your business grows, the DataTrace System will expand with you, ensuring that you can order title and tax data for multiple counties and states anywhere in our growing network.

Integrated Property Tax 

Gather information on the property address associated with the assessed owners.

Accessing Starters Just Got Easier

Validate and confirm the assessed owner with their property.

Accessing Starters Just Got Easier

Match a Situs Address with the APN and legal description.

Accessing Starters Just Got Easier

Discover the status of property tax installments for use in sale, refinance or foreclosure reporting.

Title Services

Access an index of recorded documents associated with the buyer, seller or other party with ties to the property,
which may affect the process for a sale, refinance or foreclosure.

  • Easily check names associated with aliases, DBAs, SSNs and marital status.

  • Identify liens that match names, not just properties.
  • Search by multiple property types simultaneously and by grantor/grantee.

  • Find a chain of title by searching property address or instrument number.

Expedite Your Title Search with the Starter Xchange™

Short-cut the search and examination process with previously issued title insurance policies from the nation’s most reputable title companies. The Starter Xchange is accessible through DataTrace System, and allows you to easily locate starters, access your own records and boost revenue. Learn more about the Starter Xchange.


Data for the Way You do Business

  • Obtain title plant data, tax information, documents and map images through a single delivery channel.

  • Request, view and print images of recorded documents from the title results screen.

  • Open order after verifying search results.
  • Daily notification of possible closing delays.

  • Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list updated weekly.

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