DataTrace MarketView

Understand & Expand Your Share of the Title Market

DataTrace MarketView delivers instant market insights for title companies to benchmark competitive positions and identify strategic opportunities and trends that drive business development.

With the means to search by geography, timeframe and transaction type, MarketView provides customized visibility for markets of interest. As you gain insight into your existing share, you’ll discover new opportunities to fuel business growth.

DataTrace MarketView Is Designed With Your Needs in Mind


Easy, On-Demand Access

Gain instant access to on-demand market share reporting online

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Automated Reports

Weekly or monthly reports automatically generated and delivered via email for greater simplicity


Customized Searches

Make reports infinitely customizable with our custom-query search engine


Nationwide Coverage

Reporting is available at the nationwide, state, county, city and ZIP code-level


Ease of Distribution

Export, save and print customized reports so you can share information with others at your organization

Uncover Deeper Market Insights with Best-In-Class NMLS Data

Title companies rely on strong relationships with lenders. The MarketView Loan Officer Share Report offers visibility into the volume of loans processed by loan officers and mortgage brokers, as well as the transaction type and loan amount. In addition to NMLS IDs, reports include contact information and links to the NMLS Consumer Access website for the easiest reference and contact verification of any market reporting.

You solve your customers’ needs.

You bring innovative solutions to the market.

Your reporting and analytics should work just as hard as you do.

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  • Understand your company’s position in relation to those of competitors in target markets.
  • Identify opportunities for business development, from new to expanded partnerships.
  • Evaluate and compensate your title sales reps according to their market performance.
  • Measure the performance of each branch against other branches as well as competitors.
  • Invest wisely by allocating resources in accordance with market activity.
  • Stay alert of new competitors in your market, taking action based on these insights.

Reporting how it should be
instant, simple and fully customizable!

MarketView Features & Functionality
Geographic Coverage

Expansive Geographic Coverage

ZIP code, City and Nationwide level reporting that covers 85% of the U.S. That’s the most extensive geographic coverage, offered by the largest provider of title plant data in the U.S.

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Title Company Name Roll-Up, Cleanliness and Completeness

Patented OCR process presents company names in a clear, standardized format. This ensures increased accuracy in the reporting of title company activity.


Reader-Friendly Graphical Reports

Modern, intuitive interface and reports ensure you get only the information you need, delivered when and how you need it.


Ease of Access and Delivery

Instantly access on-demand market share reporting online or for greater simplicity, have it delivered via email with automated weekly or monthly report generation.


Customizable Queries

Print/save only the reports you need, no additional pages. Exports enable fully customized reporting.

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NMLS Contact Info

Streamline your research of loan officers with access to NMLS IDs and links to confirm public contact information.


Title/Lender Relationship Intersection

Intersection reports deliver insights into relationships between title companies and lenders.

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Emerging Need

“Evolving market conditions create a multitude of challenges for title companies. Deep market intelligence is vital to make informed business decisions and create dynamic business models to meet the demands of shifting real estate environments.”

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DataTrace is your trusted market share provider. With more than 50 years experience in real estate title search data and technology, we have the data resources to deliver full nationwide coverage and a market share platform that provides the most reliable results.

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