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Put the nation’s largest, most advanced network of real estate title plants, tax data and recorded property data, plus billions of recorded land record images – to work for your business.

National Title Plant Document Types


Plat Lists


Land Records


Court-filed Documents



Assessor Data

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Geographic Real Estate Title Plants

Every day, DataTrace compiles title information from the sources you trust most: tax assessors, county recorders, tax collectors and courthouses. Daily updates ensure that you receive the most current, complete and logically organized information available. See where our title plant coverage can benefit you.

Grantor/Grantee Title Plants

To serve companies whose access to geographic title plants is restricted or unavailable, DataTrace offers specialized real estate title plants called Grantor/Grantee plants. These databases contain county recorded documents affecting title, and are generally indexed by the names of parties involved in real estate transactions.

Real Estate Title Plant Creation and Conversion

Add some horsepower to an underachieving title plant. Upgrade today with DataTrace, the industry’s first choice for real estate title plant technology. Our team will work closely with yours to identify your unique data search and retrieval requirements, then help develop an indexing strategy that enables you to quickly:

  • Locate Properties
  • Chain Parcel History
  • Request Document Images
  • Automatically Monitor New Recordings and Compare Them Against Open Orders

Once your system is converted and data is translated to our production platform, information is sampled extensively and audited through migration for consistency, quality and integrity. We can even customize software to accommodate local data requirements. Our expert customer service and technical support teams ensure that you get the help you need, when you need it.


Before it ever reaches your desktop, our real estate title plant information is keyed twice, sampled for accuracy, and meticulously screened to meet the highest quality standards. Specialists carefully match and verify all records using integrated cross-reference indexes and other sophisticated QA/QC tools. It’s just one reason why more title companies prefer DataTrace’s national title plant data over all others.


The breadth and depth of DataTrace’s recorded property records database can help you research and close more transactions faster. Contact one of our national title plant experts today for a no-obligation consultation.