Property Title Automation


Fast, accurate title search packages delivered in minutes

Minimize manual tasks, reduce labor and realize the efficiencies of consistent data-driven, automated title search production.

Deliver more value – in less time – with better quality data through TitleIQ by DataTrace.

LEVERAGE the industry’s strongest data & technology FOUNDATION

FOR Automated, accurate title searches


TIQS-rapid results

TitleIQ automation technology provides a new level of speed, efficiency and reliability to title search production and data extraction, all conducted at the source of the industry's leading data solution.


Rules-based search automation manages the core title search requirements, title coding and phrase code data mapping to further increase efficiency, mitigate risk and deliver immediate time and cost savings.


TitleIQ automatically pulls the property and general name indexes, analyzes the chain of title, tags the appropriate images to produce a complete search package in minutes – based on customizable business rules.


TitleIQ Search Automation Product Suite 

Automated Title Searches • Current Owner • Two Owner • Full Search • Update/Date Downs • Extended Updates Legal & Vesting Products







IMPROVE Operational productivity, accuracy & reliability

with fast, efficient search results

 TitleIQ leverages advanced technologies – a Business Rules Management System (BRMS), Optical Character recognition (OCR) and auto-coding – to transform manual processes and drive production efficiencies. TIQ’s title search automation can shave hours off your title searches, enabling you to quickly close one file and move on to the next.

With TitleIQ, most automated title searches are completed and delivered back to your production systems within 10 minutes – without any human intervention – minimizing potential errors and maximizing productivity gains.

TitleIQ delivers automated search of the property’s chain of title, including relevant parties, taxes, bankruptcies, OFAC, instrument searches and more to expedite the examination process. With integration to TitleIQ Enterprise, search packages are auto-coded to pre-populate examination screens with all required title data.


Automate your title searches today – find out how.