Property Title Automation

Modernize Your Title Production with TitleIQ Property Title Automation

Less pain, more gain with our automated title search and reporting

How familiar does this feel? Title searches that seem to take forever, hit-or-miss template quality and data formatting that slows the process (and your output) down to a time-wasting crawl. These are just a few of the realities of manual title search. Fortunately, with property title automation solutions like TitleIQ, these headaches are a thing of the past.

Automated Title Search: Near-Instant Access to the Title Data You Need

Today, when settlement services companies want to get things done, they use DataTrace’s TitleIQ automated title search and reporting. With flexible workflow integration (your system or ours), TitleIQ provides almost immediate access to the property information and images you need to quickly increase title production.

By offering data from hundreds of our geographic title plants and other proprietary databases, DataTrace works with you to customize an automated title search and title reporting solution that fits your business rules and underwriting guidelines.


Being Productive has Never Been More Convenient

Property title automation can shave hours off your title searches, enabling you to quickly close one file and move on to the next. With property title automation built around TitleIQ, automated title searches make title reports instantly available at your desktop, through a single system.

Your Templates. Your Rules. Your Automated Title Search Solution.

Need specific codes or phrases? A uniform title and tax search? Want to automatically receive results in your preferred format or template? TitleIQ’s automated title searching capability delivers on all counts, enabling you to customize and streamline: preliminary reports; refi and equity products; and title commitments.

Three Flexible Service Plans

Unlike many property title automation platforms, TitleIQ seamlessly integrates into your business processes, offering three flexible service levels, and the option to automatically upgrade levels anytime you want. Your choice of automated title search and reporting services include:

Automated Title Search Package

Automated Title
Search Package

Service Plan

This fully automated title, tax and image search package lets you search when and how you want, and receive results at your desktop within minutes.

Automated Title Data Extraction

Automated Title
Data Extraction

Service Plan

This service plan includes all components of our complete automated title search package, plus automatic extraction and posting of data elements (including streamlined REFIs and limited coverage reports) directly to your templates and/or production systems.

Complete Title Data Examination

Complete Title
Data Examination

Service Plan

This turnkey, professionally reviewed plan is for in-depth transaction types or complicated properties. Your complete, comprehensive package is delivered review-ready, in your preferred business templates--usually within 24 hours.