The Importance and Value of Property Reports: An Expert's Point of View


Kevin Beach has been in the title industry for over 20 years. Kevin has held various senior leadership roles in the title industry and is considered an expert by many.

Currently Kevin works with Data Trace in Atlanta, Georgia as a Business Development Strategic Initiatives Consultant. Currently he is working with the sales and marketing team: working on custom reports, customer data, business leadership, and partnering with other companies.

I interviewed Kevin to better understand how our property reports can benefit our customers.

What is a property report?

Kevin defines a property report as a snapshot look at ownership of property vesting, current liens against a property, tax, and judgments. Property reports show the tax situation. They give a quick look at the overall condition of a property: who owns it, when they came into title, and an assessment of property. It answers questions, gives owners an encumbrance report and checks the continuity in the chain of title.

What makes property reports so important?

Kevin responded with “data solutions can serve a number of needs in real estate. Data Trace has the best quality and depth of data in the country and it is important because it can answer most questions people have about real estate.”

How do customer’s access property reports?

The exact process of how property reports are retrieved is they are ordered by owner’s name and address then the tax report, the property chain report, and the vesting deed are pulled. Then the information is reviewed and the report is generated. They find the owner’s name, if there are any liens, information about encumbrances, taxes, and mortgages and then the data is assembled and the information is bundled and retrieved.

Why do people need property reports and what makes them essential?

 Kevin responded saying “They are fairly timely, cost effective, technologically advanced; they examine title chain, and answer questions in real estate.” These property reports are cost effective but Data Trace also has a depth of title plants and the reports are retrieved in a very timely matter usually only taking 24-48 hours and sometimes even shorter depending on the report.

Some of the property reports Data Trace currently offers are: Ownership and Encumbrance Reports, Legal and Vesting Reports, Deed Reports, Mortgage Reports, Lien Reports, Foreclosure Information Reports, Assignment Verification Reports, and Tax Information Reports.

There is a large value in property reports and it is inevitable that they are important. Data Trace has the depth of data, best quality data, and is cost efficient and timely.

Retrieve your property reports with Data Trace today!

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