Property Reports


Property reports provide property and current owner information, and include Legal and Vesting, Mortgage Information,  Ownership & Encumbrance and Tax Information reports. Cost-effectively obtain ownership and lien information for uninsured transactions.


Legal & Vesting

Provides the fully typed legal description of the property, vesting information and is accompanied by the recorded deed image.

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DataTrace Ownership and Encumbrance Report

Ownership & Encumbrance Report

Verifies the current vested owner(s) of the property from last property purchase to most current effective date in the property records, reports unreleased mortgages and judgments.

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Mortgage Information Report

Delivers the vesting deed information, unreleased current owner executed mortgage(s) and supplemental instrument information associated with open mortgages.

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DataTrace Tax Information Report

Tax Information Report

Provide your customers with a glimpse of potential tax complications stemming from property splits, transfers and tax liens on a property.

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