Data Trace University- Geography


Course two of Data Trace University does an excellent job familiarizing you with the layout and different features of DTS2. By the end of the Geography course you will be able to: switch states and counties, check county currency using the tool bar, run or re-run previous searches, pull document images, and find and request support on the feature of DTS2.

This course goes in great detail about the different ways to use the tool bar. It also discusses the tool bar settings and what they are used for.

You will learn:

  • How to set the specific county to perform your search in
  • How to check county currency and why that is important
  • More about plant and tax currency
  • The reports available for services and searches
  •  More about the workspace and reference area: what they do and provide.


The layout of the course ends with a matching game to refresh your memory about the definitions. This course is important to take especially if you need to become familiar with the layout and different features of DTS2. Learn more today!

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Topics: DTS2, Data Trace University