Data Trace University- Fallout Reports Display and Maintain Orders

November 12, 2014


Need to learn more about Fallout reports Display and Maintain Orders, or how to close and cancel an order in DTS2? If so, then this is the course for you!

This course will cover:

  • What a Fallout is
  • When to use a Fallout
  • How to use the feature
  • Configuration
  • What is included in the feature
  • When the service should be utilized
  • What Display/Maintain Orders are
  • Form review and order status and adding remarks
  • Options able to modify
  • How to close/cancel orders
  • What the functionality is used for
  • If you can modify all parameters
  • If closed or canceled orders can be updated through fallouts or datedowns


If any of this information is slightly relevant to you, take this course at Data Trace University, it is extremely informational.

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Topics: DataTrace University, DataTrace System (DTS)