County Tax Roll Updates

September 22, 2014


The following is the currently scheduled counties and dates for county tax roll updates in Arizona and California. As we upload the tax files, the Data Trace System will be unavailable. Weekday updates begin at 6 PM. Weekend updates will occur in the regularly scheduled maintenance window of Saturdays 9PM to Sunday 2PM Pacific Time Zone. Please bookmark and check this page in the future, as the actual dates may change.

County Prod Load Date   County Prod Load Date
Maricopa, AZ 9/16/2014 6PM check-mark-teal   San Diego, CA 10/4/2014 6PM   check-mark-teal
Contra Costa, CA 9/24/2014 6PM check-mark-teal   Alameda, CA 10/8/2014 6PM   check-mark-teal
Tulare, CA 9/24/2014 6PM check-mark-teal   Coconino, AZ 10/8/2014 6PM   check-mark-teal
Pinal, AZ 9/24/2014 6PM check-mark-teal   Orange, CA 10/11/2014 6PM check-mark-teal
Yavapai, AZ 9/24/2014 6PM check-mark-teal   San Bernardino, CA 10/11/2014 6PM check-mark-teal
Kern, CA 9/27/2014 9PM check-mark-teal   Sacramento, CA 10/14/2014 6PM
Los Angeles, CA 9/27/2014 9PM check-mark-teal   San Francisco, CA 10/14/2014 6PM
Riverside, CA 9/27/2014 9PM check-mark-teal   Navajo, AZ 10/14/2014 6PM
Ventura, CA 9/27/2014 9PM check-mark-teal   Pima, AZ 10/14/2014 6PM
Santa Clara, CA 10/2/2014 6PM check-mark-teal   Santa Barbara 10/22/2014 6PM
San Mateo, CA 10/2/2014 6PM check-mark-teal   San Joaquin, CA 10/22/2014 6PM
Yuma, AZ 10/2/2014 6PM check-mark-teal   Fresno, CA TDB

Please note: check-mark-teal denotes that this particular County Tax Roll has been udpated.

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