Data Trace Beyond TitleBeyond The Title Plant

Increase Title Production

and Grow Your Title

Market Share

Go beyond today’s title production and prepare for success tomorrow

DataTrace helps companies increase title production with advanced tools and technologies, and the nation’s largest recorded document image repository. 

Many title insurance companies have grown their business and increased market share using DataTrace’s world-class title plants. But what if, going forward, you want to do something more to grow your title business and market share? The good news is that DataTrace has you covered.


Custom Data Solutions

Data To Empower Your Business

Stretch, grow and flex your marketing muscle with Custom Data Solutions that transform raw data into actionable business intelligence and fresh competitive insights. Know your regional markets and make smarter, more strategic decisions. Custom data is the tailored-to-your-business way to increase title market share and achieve title business growth.

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Real Estate Property Reports

Data In Concise Reports

Lenders increasingly rely on their title search providers for information that falls outside standard title-policy datasets. Property Reports fulfilled by our Professional Services team helps you quickly track down and deliver atypical or hard-to-find data and historic documents related to ownership, encumbrance and property.

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TitleFlex: Property Research
and Customer Service

All-In-One Tools

TitleFlex puts farm building, property profile generation and customer service all in one tool. You'll be able to access data to provide your customers with the real estate information they need, while also being able to get a jump on title production with the ability to instantly verify borrower, address, land use information and more. You even have direct access to the title plant. TiteFlex is perfect as a stand-alone tool or used in conjunction with other DataTrace solutions. Try TitleFlex Free.

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xSell Reseller Program

XSellerate Your Business

Part new-agent magnet and part customer service tool, xSell leverages DataTrace data to help you stimulate title business growth and increase title market share. Find and keep ambitious, high-achieving agents by providing access to national real estate data for a low monthly fee. Or, use xSell as a customer service tool in a “win-win” strategy that economically equips you to respond quickly to virtually any data request.

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DataTrace: More than Just Title Plants

If it sounds like DataTrace is much more than you thought, it’s probably because we are. We’re committed to helping you increase title production and grow your title business in new and innovative ways the industry has never seen.

Go beyond today and get to where you want to be tomorrow, with DataTrace, your trusted source for title business growth solutions.