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In a dynamic, highly regulated real estate market, the pressure is on lenders to close quickly and get the research right. In this fast-paced environment, they often want to reduce their reliance on multiple vendors. Lenders may look to you for property information that typically falls outside settlement service companies’ standard title policy dataset.  To meet these crucial demands, DataTrace offers a broad range of property reports. We also offer a complete title abstractor service and title research.


As a leading provider of title abstractor and title research services, DataTrace processes more than 50,000 orders per month.
We understand your unique data needs, and those of the lenders you serve. 

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Ownership & Encumbrance Report

Provides a snapshot of ownership and open mortgages on a real estate property.

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Deed Report

Establish a missing interest in or ownership of a property as part of the legal due diligence process with this comprehensive report...

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Mortgage Report

Help your customers understand and evaluate options after reviewing liens against a residential or commercial property...

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Lien Report

Your customers can determine whether there are voluntary and involuntary liens against a property and the amounts owed prior to lending...

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Foreclosure Information Report

Ensure your customers are getting the complete picture by understanding unpaid principal amounts and identifying all...

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Assignment Verification Report

Establish beneficial interest owner of a mortgage to validate the transfer of a loan in a portfolio. Primarily used in...

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Tax Information Report

Provide your customers with a glimpse of potential tax complications stemming from property splits, transfers and...

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