Title Insurance Technology

Title Insurance Technology that Streamlines Processing and Production

Harness the power. Leverage the expertise.

In over 50 years, DataTrace has pioneered some of the title insurance industry’s most meaningful technology innovations. For example, in response to companies’ need to simplify and increase title production, we were the first to automate the order and delivery of tax, title and document images. Instead of taking days or weeks to gather chain-of-title information, users could instead do it in minutes, all from a single, intuitive desktop application. Today, DataTrace’s standardized system spans the nation, empowering title insurance companies to maximize production and profitability by operating more efficiently and economically than ever before.

Title Insurance Technology Centers

To ensure round-the-clock data integrity, DataTrace maintains several disaster-proof technology centers that house and host thousands of leading-edge servers and computers. As a DataTrace customer, you’ll receive the focused and dedicated support of hundreds of highly trained IT and business professionals whose expertise includes:

  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Application Development and Support
  • Network and Desktop Services
  • Information and Physical Security
  • Project Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Web Hosting


Is Your Title Insurance Technology Up to Speed?

If you’re eager to increase title insurance production, but have questions about your technology (or ours), contact us today for a no-obligation title insurance technology review.