Xsell™ Title Business Program

Accelerate Title Search Performance and Profits with xSell™

DataTrace Is Ready To Help Your Business Prosper

The DataTrace xSell program rolls national plant data, document images and tax services into one profitable title business growth solution. You get access to turn-key solutions that leverage DataTrace's top-shelf offerings to expand your agent marketing program, boost customer service and create new revenue channels. It's a flexible program with one main goal: helping your title company accelerate its growth.


Good agents are hard to find, and often even harder to keep. National title plant access for a low monthly fee is one perk that more ambitious agents may find irresistible – and a program that you can easily offer them with xSell. Instead of waiting for a protracted underwriter search, xSell agents can search DataTrace’s nationwide title plants and retrieve the documents they need directly from their desktop. This not only saves time and money, but it helps them increase efficiency. When you help agents do more for less, you’ll earn their attention--and probably their trust.


xSell for Customer Service: Add More Value, Get More Wins

Lending money is a risky business. Understandably wary lenders are whittling their stable of title data vendors down to a mere trusted few. Make sure you're among them, with DataTrace’s xSell for customer service. Using xSell as a service tool is a “win-win” strategy that equips you to:

  • Respond quickly to virtually any data or report request 
  • Access needed documents quickly
  • Provide customers with complimentary reports as a “thank you” or value-added service

xSell Provider Program: Our Data, Your Logo

DataTrace’s specially priced xSell data provider option allows growth-minded title companies to purchase and resell DataTrace data and reports. Increase revenue by leveraging the breadth and depth of more than 545 geographically-indexed title plants.