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Respect and Responsibility: Cornerstones of our Environmental Commitment

Recycling, carpools, paperless products and more

In today’s eco-conscious world, it has become increasingly important for organizations of all sizes to integrate sustainability and environmental responsibility into their corporate culture.

No one takes this goal more to heart that DataTrace. Teams in every department work non-stop to further our “green” initiatives, and to reduce our impact on the natural resources that sustain us.

Whether it’s recycling, carpool programs, using environmentally friendly materials or supporting paperless document reviews, DataTrace strives to regularly identify and execute new resource-preserving programs. Our goal is simple: to make sustainability a way of life, and we believe that we are inspiring partners and others around us to follow our example.

Here are just a few examples of how DataTrace actively supports sustainability.

Online Document Products: DataTrace products are used to access online (electronic) recorded document images, maps, property information and much more. With DataTrace, there’s no longer a need to rely on printed documents. Our products not only encourage paperless online access, they also allow users to save and email electronic versions, as well. DataTrace customers take pride in knowing that they are streamlining paper usage and supporting worldwide efforts to reduce landfill volumes.

Online Newsletters, Marketing Tools and Product Information: We further demonstrate our commitment by providing customers and prospects with electronic access to product information, company newsletters and other company resources. By making these available online, we significantly reduce our production and usage of printed paper materials.

Employee Carpool Program: DataTrace has put in countless hours to design a smart and efficient carpool rewards program. Employees are rewarded through: Café Vouchers for commuters, quarterly prize drawings, preferred parking, and free subscription to the “Saver Guide,” which encourages employees’ use of public transportation with incentives such as discounts, coupons and other special offers. By encouraging people to carpool, DataTrace helps limit gasoline usage and exhaust gasses created by employee vehicles, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies: DataTrace offices worldwide have made the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and practices. By using proper techniques and supplies, we can reduce employee exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Recycling: DataTrace is proud of its paper recycling efforts. Every employee desk is equipped with a paper recycling bin. Bins are also located in all copy and supply rooms. By making paper waste bins easily accessible, DataTrace encourages employee recycling and decreases waste.

On Site Cafeteria: On campus, DataTrace has replaced many food containers and tableware with environmentally friendly products such as "corn cups" and recycled to-go boxes. By eating at the company café, employees reduce CO2 emissions by not driving to and dining out at local restaurants.